The Contractors Foundation Purpose And Overview

The Contractors Foundation was established by a group of instructors that have provided training classes and educational seminars for several Trade Organizations over the years. Their personal experience as successful business owners creates a wealth of information that can help new companies to avoid many of the problems they will deal with as they grow.

With extensive experience in the Restaurant, Bar & Cafe, Contractor Equipment, Banking, Coffee Shoppes, Maintenance, Accounting, Home Improvement, Pressure Washing, Contractor Supplies, Electrician, Marketing, Plumbing and Pest Control Industries our Instructors have a huge wealth of information and experience to draw from, at very affordable pricing.

Amazingly, one common element that 95% of our Instructors have is the pressure washing industry, so you are considering starting a power washing business, or adding power washing services to an existing business, the Contractors Foundation is the best choice there is for training you can find.

With our training programs you will learn how to buy the right power washers for the services you want to provide, instead of relying on the “expertise” of the guy at your local hardware store.

We can teach you all of the industry standards and methods for power washing any surface, because the Instructors at the Contractors Foundation helped to create most of the standards in use today! We can also show you how using power washing chemicals can increase the quality of your work, and cut down the time it takes you to clean any surface. Our instructors have spent over 30 years working with chemists, manufacturers and contractors, to design some of the best power washing chemicals in use today by contractors across the nation!

If your ready to start your power washing Business, click here to contact our office, or check out some of our power washing manuals or power washing classes to get more information.